You Need To Know How To Deal With These Car Issues

The car is many a person’s pride and joy, whereas to others it’s just a mode of getting from A to B. However there are various issues that everyone needs to know how to deal with. Financial issues aside, there are many warrenty and collision issues that one should know how to deal with for an easier life. We explore a few potential issues and how to deal with them here.

Car Warranty Issues

So you’ve bought a new car but now something bad has happened mechanically and you believe the dealer or manufacturer are liable to pay for the expenses. First, you need to check the fine print properly, make sure they are liable and check out the time frames on these warranties. A dealership warranty is issued by the dealer you bought the car from for a certain amount of time and a manufacturer’s warranty is issued by the actual manufacturer of the car. There are other warranties too, so check which you have and act accordingly. You should get quotes for carrying out the work and send it to them, which could stop them refusing. If they still refuse and you think they’re incorrect you can take the complaint further by taking them to court or contacting the financial ombudsman. If you paid for a warranty don’t let them hold back.

Insurance Issues

Dealing with insurance firms can be a pain, especially when they don’t pay out but should. If you’re involved in a crash and the insurance firm is either incorrectly holding back or you need to take the driver of the other car to court due to an injury then it is best you find an auto wreck lawyer who specialises in the varying issues a crash can provide. Don’t let your insurance company get out of paying where they should, they could try a technicality, usually the bigger firms are good and will pay out but if you feel you’re being unfairly treated you need to call a lawyer. Even in non-insurance issues, your lawyer can definitely help you sorting out your legal problems, especially when a crash or violation leaves you a problem of getting back your license after a DUI (helpful tips on this page).

Issues With Mechanics

There can sometimes be issues with car mechanics. If you take your car for an MOT or some general repairs, you can sometimes receive a huge bill for a large amount of work. The best way to deal with this is by getting work done for what you actually need and avoided the advisories. However there are sometimes issues where the work is already done against your consent. If this is a large nationwide chain they can sometimes do this to boost their sales, as each garage is marked against how much it sells. Phone the regional manager and complain, they’ll get the bill reduced. If it is a private garage then it can be a little harder to get your car back. There are many horror stories of mechanics holding cars ransom until the owner pays a larger or unspecified sum. If this happens stay calm, and get in touch with a lawyer. The best way to avert this is by checking the reputation of a garage before you use it. The majority of mechanics are good, honest people, but like in most professions there are some con men waiting to take advantage.

When getting your car checked out always check that the wheels have not been scratched or scraped because some mechanics do things as fast as possible and accidents happen. If they are damaged be sure to visit your local alloy wheel refurbishment center to repair them as good as new.

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