Keeping Your Car Safe From the Elements

Extreme weather is one of the biggest fears for every driver. Whether it’s a slippery road that sends us sliding down roads or the rays of the sun wearing down our interiors, it feels like the only thing we hate more than bad drivers is mother nature herself. However, despite all of the problems we encounter with nature, we still love our vehicles and we’d do everything we could to protect them from the elements.

Protecting your car from the sun

The sun is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to the degradation of our vehicles. Heat from the sun can scorch our interiors and make them fade, and if we even attempt to sit down on vinyl or leather seats, we’re going to get a nasty surprise when it burns our backside. It can also get incredibly stuffy and hot inside of a vehicle when we close up the windows and the shut the door. The best way to avoid this is to either park your vehicle in the shade at all times or resort to car window tinting so that it blocks harmful UV rays that damage our car and make it age prematurely. Not only does it make your overall driving experience more enjoyable, it also ensures that your car remains pristine and retains a high resale value.

Protecting your car from rain

If you’re driving in the rain, then make sure you first have your headlights on. If the rain is particularly heavy, then it’s going to be difficult to see in front of you. You also want to make sure that your wipers are working and in good condition. The last thing you want is for them to fail and cover your windscreen with water, making it impossible and frankly dangerous to drive. If your wipers are caked in dirt and grime because they don’t see much use, then you’ll want to give them a good clean before you set off on the road. You also want to wash your car on a regular basis if you have to drive over muddy terrain and dirty roads. Make sure to drive slowly, keep your car stored in a garage, or use a protective cover to prevent it from getting battered by rain.

Protecting your car from winter

Winter is a horrible season for any driver. Not only is scraping ice off your car a bother but keeping your driveway clear and unfreezing your lock are also a pain. Firstly, if your car keys aren’t fitting into your door properly, then consider heating up your car key slightly with a lighter before gently pushing it into the lock. For your tires, you need to make sure you replace your existing tires with ones that have a bit more grip. However, this is often an expensive investment and not required unless it snows on a regular basis where you live. As with the rain, if it’s possible, try to keep your car stored in a garage so that you don’t get frosty windows and a stone cold vehicle every morning.

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