Hamann Breathes Some Anger Into The Jaguar F-Pace

The Jaguar F-Pace has already become the best selling Jaguar model so it won’t turn as many heads when you start to see them more often than you did but that is where Hamann can step in.

Hamann decided that some massive 23-inch wheels would be a good way to kick things off with this little project but because they are so big, the bodywork needed some widening. This includes a chin spoiler, fender flares and a diffuser at the back. The latter also includes room for a quad exhaust system with flat tips.

Under the hood, Hamann can boost the supercharged V6 from 375 hp to 405 hp and increase torque by 50 Nm. This is achieved both through the installation of a free-flow exhaust and chip tuning. I love the looks of the F-Pace in standard form but with these additions from Hamann, it ticks all the right boxes and gives it much more presence.


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