Lamborghini Share Huracan Performante Lap Data To Prove It’s Legit

There has been so much talk about the new production car lap record holder having ‘cheated’ somehow but now Lamborghini has come out and gone as far as saying that they will come to your house to prove to you that it is real. No I am just kidding but they have revealed the actual lap data to CNET Roadshow and it confirms that the car did indeed run a 6:52.01 lap of the Nurburgring.

Maurizio Reggiani who is the lead engineer at Lamborghini sat down with multiple media outlets during the Geneva Motor Show. He said that just looking at peak lap times in corners and straights only tells a small portion of the story.

As any racer will tell you, quite often it isn’t top speed that matters, but how quickly your car gets there. The Performante has a lower top speed around the ‘Ring than the Aventador SV, for example, but it gets up to that speed far quicker, and carries more speed out of the corners.

The tyres they used were indeed Pirelli Trofeo R which are basically semi-slicks but they are street legal and are also an option when spec’ing your Performante.

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