BMW M4 CS Limited To 3000 Units Worldwide

The sensationally sexy BMW M4 CS was revealed last week billed as a limited-edition but no one knew just how many units would come out of the factory.

Thanks to CarBuzz, we can now confirm that just 3000 examples of the M4 CS which means it is not as ‘collectible’ as the M4 GTS (limited to 700) but it will certainly attract the attention of many Bimmer collectors out there.

Vice President for Sales and Marketing at BMW M, Peter Quintus, explained that BMW M customers wanted various levels of performance.

“Customers want a variety of different M models. The [base] BMW M4 is an attractive proposition price wise, the Competition appeals to buyers wanting a bit more power and aggression, and the GTS is geared towards a niche audience of track day enthusiasts. The M4 CS slots in perfectly above the Competition and anyone who missed out on the GTS will want this car.”

So can we expect more CS models? Well we think the M2 CS is actually just around the corner but let’s wait and see.

Source CarBuzz
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