DMC’s Tecno Is A Lamborghini Aventador S On Steroids

The ‘S’ in the Lamborghini Aventador S moniker certainly does not stand for subtle but to the likes of DMC, it was just that. How did they rectify it? Well they are now offering Aventador S owners the chance to turn it into the DMC Tecno with the addition of plenty aero bits and pieces.

Carbon fibre is used for the new front splitter, side skirts and the rear diffuser. DMC came up with a Centenario-like hood design which immediately makes you think of a limited edition. Well that is a good thing as they are only making 10 of these kits in total.

Included in the kit is DMC’s new hydraulic wing which is actually a very big deal. The tuner states that around 5% of all Aventador LP700 owners have installed a DMC wing at one point or another on their car. This new wing is made from both carbon as well as forged aluminum. The driver can set the wing in one of three different modes – Corsa, GT and Insane mode.

What about power? Well we were saving this for last as DMC are wanting to offer this car with a power output of 1,588 hp. That undoubtedly means they will be slapping on a pair of turbochargers among a healthy list of mods.

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