Ferrari Launches Incredible Power 15 Warranty

Ferrari is renowned for it’s aftersales service to clients and it seems they are pushing the bar even further with a ‘New Power 15’ extended warranty programme.

As it stands, a new Ferrari comes with a standard four year warranty which can be extended by a further year and is generally coupled with a seven year free maintenance plan. If you want to continue to protect from year 6 to year 12, you opt for the standard New Power warranty which will provide cover on all major components.

New Power 15 extends the programme even further to include the main (and rather costly) mechanical components such as engine, gearbox, PTU, suspension and steering, from years 12 to 15.

The extension is open to both new and pre-owned Ferrari’s, and considering how the second-hand exotics market has taken off, will likely make the programme very popular with owners.

Unlike some manufacturers, the New Power 15 is transferable to subsequent owners.

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