Futuristic Transport You Will See In Your Lifetime

Ever wondered how people of the future will get around? Luckily engineers and scientists have been dreaming up many weird and wonderful designs to give us a quick glimpse into the future of human transportation

From friendly empathetic dashboards to giant behemoth space elevators, here are some exciting technology designs from the near future that will definitely revolutionize how we travel:

Emotionally intelligent dashboards. Powered by the computer brains of artificial intelligence, these cars of tomorrow will have a friendly interface called “Hana” that is voice activated and will be able to respond to your speech. Hana even remembers the places you like to go to. This means Hana can understand how you react emotionally when driving, so bear that in mind the next time you feel like committing verbal road rage.

Tired of traffic jams? Well road congestion may soon become a thing of the past when you can breeze over cuing cars below as you soar from A to B without much hassle. With new flying car plans already draw up the advanced motorways of the future could therefore be upwards and  vertical as well as being flat and horizontal.

And if you thought flying cars were good, wait till you hear about the plans for a space elevator.  This new and exciting design involves the use of 60,000 miles worth of cable that will stretch up a quarter of the way to the moon. It’s not hard to imagine that the space elevator would host quite an incredible lunar view. And it’s only one small step in time away for mankind as this lift could be available for public use as soon as 2050!

(Also while you’re on the website provided in the previous hyperlink make sure to type in your age in the selection box marked XX and check out some of the other fascinating technologies that the site has to offer)

Another new way of getting around on the cutting edge of technology is by autonomous vehicles. These vehicles can function by themselves and require no steering inputs from a driver to arrive at its destination. The rise of machines that can drive themselves has sparked some debate around whether soon it will be legal to drink and get into the driver’s seat of a car that can drive itself.

One final new, exciting and eco friendly mode of transportation is the hyperloop train. Travelling at speed up to 700 mph this supersonic train will get you out of the station faster than the speed of sound, which will certainly add some velocity to your day! So seeing as less time will be spent waiting for a long train journey to finish, perhaps this will put an end to people sleeping on the train….

With the arrival of all these new futuristic technologies that are about to become our new reality, which new mode of transportation are you looking forward to the most?

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