Lamborghini Urus Not Even Revealed But Gets Tuning Package

The Lamborghini Urus SUV will show its production version face in December this year but according to reports, it will not sway much from the concepts we have seen in the past.

As soon as it is released, there will be plenty tuners scrambling to be the first to market with a body kit of some form to make the SUV look as angry as possible.

These renderings you see here were done by virtual designer Denis Mulyava who teamed up with Russian tuning and design company Topkontur.

The Urus in ‘standard form’ looks very good but this dials it up to level 3000 and I don’t think it has been a successful change. Those gold wheels are just too much and the Liberty Walk type fenders completely renders the point of this car useless.

Either way I cannot wait to see the final product from the Italian’s.

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