Of Course This Racing Driver’s Wedding Car Was A DTM Mercedes

Some weddings give exotic and luxury car owners a chance to arrive in style and give the gathering a sense of glitz and glamour. If you are a professional racing driver, you might think this is a little boring.

This driver, Maro Engel decided against a luxurious limo-type car for his wedding as he opted for a full-blown Mercedes-AMG C63 DTM race car.

Engel said that the team offered the car for the event and that he had to discuss it with his wife, Steffi. “I knew, of course, that this is not necessarily the air-conditioned luxury vehicle that you would normally have on the way back to your hotel,” said Maro. “Also, climbing into the car as well as the heat in the cockpit obviously present certain challenges.”

Luckily for him he has an awesome wife and she agreed to it. Not only did Maro have to help her get into the car but they could not talk during the drive as the engine noise was too loud.

Got to love a proper petrol head 😂

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