Audi Sport Planning To Launch Five New Models By 2020

Audi Sport (formerly known as Quattro GmbH) are looking to broaden their offering from 11 to 16 models by 2020.

They are currently responsible for the following models;

  • R8 (Coupe and Spyder)
  • RS3 (Sedan and Hatch)
  • RS4 Avant
  • RS5 Coupe
  • RS6 Avant
  • RS7 Sportback
  • RS Q3
  • TT RS (Coupe and Roadster)
  • S8 Plus*

If they want to hit their target of 16 models, they will need to add five more to the lineup but what could they be? One of them will certainly be the RS5 Convertible then a sedan version of the RS4 and RS6 could be on the cards and we can’t forget about a possible RS Q8 or some other form of performance crossover but we will just have to be a bit more patient.

The development of those new models (and replacements for some of the current ones) will now fall to Oliver Hoffmann, whose appointment as Audi Sport’s new head of technical development was made together with the future forecast.

Hoffmann headed up quality management at Lamborghini under Winkelmann, and was key in the development of Audi’s V10 engine.

*for some reason, the S8 Plus is excluded from the count

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