How Often Should You Be Servicing Your Audi

Taking your car in regularly for maintenance is important and far too often overlooked. The manual in your glove compartment tells you everything thing you need to know and yet people ignore the helpful information. Your Audi is a luxury car. It is a dream vehicle that gives you a sense of freedom but if you don’t take care of it, it will no longer be the car of your dreams. Instead, it will be difficult to drive and will easily break down. Don’t let your car down and it won’t let you down; take it in for maintenance at the recommended time or when your car sounds like it is ready for a tune-up.

The first standard maintenance you should be doing on your car is at 5,000 miles or one year after delivery. This doesn’t mean you should wait if you suspect something may be wrong with your car, though. Things happen and sometimes your car may need to be taken in early. If you know that something sounds wrong and you know how to check it, do not ignore it. If you are unsure what to do, take it to the dealership so they can take care of it and give your Audi back to you in its best shape possible.

In between visits to the mechanic, there are things you can do at home that will keep your Audi looking great and running smoothly. Check your Audi for a buildup of debris under wiper blades and cleaning beneath your car can help your car remain in excellent shape. If dirt remains on the windshield it can cause a visual problem while driving. The dirt that is stuck will mess up the function of the wipers. Without properly working wipers, your car becomes far more dangerous. The wipers are important so we must keep them in the best shape possible. Before the winter months come along, it is important to check the ability of your wipers. If the rubber portion is coming off, it is time to replace your wipers with new ones. When buying new wipers take your manual along so you can be sure of the right ones to buy.

You may find your steering wheel vibrating. This means your wheels need to be rebalanced or realigned. You can recognize this issue by the pain you are feeling in your arms. Despite your own efforts, the steering wheel is pulling on one side. To balance your car, you need to take it to a professional that can diagnose the problem and get your car back in top shape.

Check your Audi’s oil regularly, keep your car clean and the moment you hear any suspicious sounds, take your car to the mechanic. There is only so much you can personally do to keep your car in the best working order. The best thing we can do is to pay attention to make sure that our vehicles are getting the care that they need when they need it. If the check engine light pops on, check the engine and the battery. Your car may have a specific time that is recommended to be taken in but don’t wait to get your car the help if it needs. If you feel that something may be off or your car is making unusual signs, it is time for a check up.

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