No Dedicated Mercedes-AMG SUV Coming

Mercedes-AMG is an ever-growing performance division and with their new addition to their lineup, it got people thinking about a dedicated SUV.

Well those of you who would like to a see a mega-power crossover or SUV from them don’t get too excited because AMG boss Tobias Moers has no plans for such a creation.

“Regarding SUVs, we have a broad portfolio within Mercedes we do derivatives of,” Moers said.

“We have to consider we have an overall business responsibility in Mercedes and AMG in common, and if you would do some dedicated AMG kind of car, there would be a big piece of cake we would be wanting that would be substituted. So from an overall business approach there is no sense to it.”

Moers and his team are actually too busy to look at another model (SUV) with the AMG 35, 43, 45, 53 and 63 families plus they have the dedicated Project One along with the GT two and four door variants.

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