Nissan Patrol Embarrasses Mercedes SLR McLaren

Dubai is very well known for their outrageously enhanced Nissan Patrol’s and now the crew from Auto Bild traveled there to see just how bonkers these creations really are.

Obviously the standard Patrol is nothing to write home about in the performance department and considering this example packs a whopping 2000 horsepower, the standard powertrain was not appropriate.

The company responsible for this monster has slotted in the VR38DETT engine of the R35 Nissan GT-R and to achieve the desired power gains, the engine has been stroked to 4.1-litres and overhauled with new internals as well as enlarged turbochargers. This results in 1800 hp at the wheels.

Without spoiling the video push play and watch how potent that off-roader is, on-road.

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