You Can Upgrade Your Porsche 959 For A Cool R10 Million

The Porsche 959 is an absolute icon from the German automaker and clearly a brilliant investment with some pristine examples fetching seven-figures (USD) at auction.

Considering it is 30 years old already you might want to keep yours in showroom shape and shine and thanks to Bruce Canepa, an exotic car dealer, you can do just that.

The package they are offering will set you back an astonishing $750,000 (R9.3 million) and no that does not include the car (obviously).

“This represents 4000-plus hours of labor, and then parts and materials on top of that,” Canepa told Road & Track. “At this point, we’re taking every component apart and disassembling it, and making sure it’s like new.”

You are able to choose a new color and get the interior fully re-trimmed in new leather but it does not end there.

Canepa takes the standard 2.85-litre flat-six and its measly 450 hp (335 kW) and cranks it up 763 hp (569 kW) and 860 Nm of torque. This is achieved with a host of modifications that include removing the factory sequential turbo system and installing an all-new parallel twin-turbo system with turbos from Borg-Warner. there is also an upgraded fuel system, a modern engine management system, a new wiring harness, high-output ignition, an upgraded alternator, a new stainless-steel exhaust, and much, much more.

With this new output one would need to upgrade the suspension and Canepa have you covered here too. The 959 Sport Canepa, as it’s officially called, receives titanium springs and modern dampers. The original wheel supplier is even making new 18-inch magnesium wheels that can accommodate new Michelin performance tyres

Surely these collector’s pieces should not be fiddled with to this extent? Well apparently 10 customers have opted to give their Porsche 959 the Sport Canepa treatment.

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