Volkswagen Have Produced 200,000 R Models Since The R32 Arrived In 2002

The Volkswagen R performance division only started in 2002 with the loved Golf R32 but since then the R badge has been slapped on the Touareg (R50), Passat (R36), and of course the Scirocco R.

16 years on and the 200,000th R vehicle from VW is a Golf R for a UK customer.

“Volkswagen R is a small business that employs around 350 colleagues. Everyone in our company contributes to the success of the company.” said Capito.

This is a large accomplishment for a small division like Volkswagen R. When the R brand was first established in 2002, it was known as Volkswagen Individual. It was later rebranded in 2001, with the letter ‘R’ standing for ‘racing.’ The company has talked about expanding beyond the current Golf R, but so far nothing has materialized.

With regards to the future of R, rumor has it that the new 2020 Golf R will be the fastest ever with 405 hp (298 kW) on tap to bring the fight back to the Audi S3 and company.

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