Hotter Aston Martin Vantage S Already Spotted Testing

The new Aston Martin Vantage has only just really started reaching dealerships around the world but judging by these shots, they are already working on a hotter version!

Although there does not appear to much change in terms of design, a closer inspection reveals different length quad tailpipes and what appears to be an upgraded breaking system with cross-drilled rotors. Those front disc look larger than normal but we are only using these photo’s as a reference.

Yes the regular Vantage does come with a quad tailpipe option but those tips are the same length and the would not still be testing that variant at this point in time.

This is an early prototype so the styling changes are not evident but if the previous Vantage S is any indication, the production model should get modified bumpers, new side skirts and unique wheels.

What could the Vantage S push out in the power department? Well talk of around 542 hp (404 kW) is on the table giving it a nice 39 hp (29 kW) hike.

We know there will be a manual Vantage offering so could the Vantage S be the first to do so? We will have to wait and see but there are many variations of their new sports car still to come.

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