How To Clean Your Catalytic Converter?

We all our quite worried about our motor vehicles all the time, we keep them clean and wash them every now and then just to make sure that they look beautiful from the outside. But the sad fact is that cleaning your bike or car or making it shine from the outside is not where the struggle ends. If you really love your vehicle then there are so many other things you need to consider and pay attention to.

You see, the point is that just like the exterior of your car/bike, the interior also needs to be taken care of and if you actually want your vehicle to have a good gas mileage then the first thing to pay attention to is the catalytic converter in it. Not a lot of people pay heed to this but a clogged catalytic converter can have a very negative impact on the performance of your vehicle. Poor gas mileage and a lower engine performance are quite common if you don’t clean up your catalytic converter on time. The worst part is that a clogged converter releases extremely dangerous and unfiltered emissions into the air and that ultimately causes air pollution.

Now, a lot of people out there don’t have the knowledge they need to keep their cars and other vehicles running properly. If you make some online research, you will come across several questions like what is the P0420 code? Or how to keep the engine of your car in a perfect condition. The point is that people need someone to guide them about these little things and today we are here to do the same for you.

We are now going to jot down the proper way to clean a clogged catalytic converter, so takes notes of what we are about to tell you because this article can actually be very useful for you in the long run.

1 – Take safety precautions

Before getting started with the cleaning process, make sure that your vehicle is parked on a flat and hard surface. After making sure that your car is parked on the right place, open the hood and lift the prop rod properly, secure it in the position to keep the hood open and then get yourself a some protective eyewear to proceed with the process.

2 – Remove the catalytic converter

Use a recommended digital torque wrench like these ones or some other tool to loosen up the bolts and nuts that secure the converter in the right position. Now remove the catalytic converter from the exhaust system and make sure that you have placed the bolts and nuts on a secure place because you are going to need them later after cleaning the converter.

3 – Inspect the converter

Inspect the converter properly and shake it to hear is any noise of a broken part is coming from it. In case you find something damaged in the converter, make sure to dispose it and get yourself a new catalytic converter.

4 – Cleaning the converter

Check if there is any residue on the face of the converter and if you do find something on it then take a clean cloth and wipe away all the dirt. In case the dirt and debris is stuck and the cloth is not helping in cleaning it then use a power wash and make sure to reach to the inlet and outlet pipes. If it’s still dirty then you can use some hot water and a mixture of some degreaser to soak the converter in it.

5 – Let the converter dry

Lastly, you have to let the converter dry for a while and once you know it’s all dry then put it back into the position where it was and put the bolts and nuts back using a wrench again.

We hope you now understand how to clean a catalytic converter properly. Use this method and we assure you that all the dirt and debris that kept your converter clogged will be gone.

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