What To Bring On Your Next Road Trip

The thought of forgetting something important usually makes packing for a road trip overwhelming. Below is a checklist of what to bring on your next road trip. This can serve as your packing guide.

Basic Trip Packing List

Everyone going on a trip knows that there are certain things that must not be left out. One good way to remember these basics is to memorize the three Ts: Toothbrush, toothpaste, and toiletries. Other basic necessities include your phone, wallet, and keys.

Road Trip Essentials for Your Car

Highlighted below is the ultimate road trip packing list to keep your car on the road throughout your trip.

  • Spare Tire

Without a spare tire, you will get stranded on the road if anything happens to any of your tires.Before setting off, also check all your tires to ascertain that they are in good condition. As you do this, also check your wheel spanners and hydraulic floor jacks. Replace them if necessary.

  • Roadside Emergency Kit

Emergency roadside kits are not so expensive. You can get one for as low as $25. A roadside emergency kit usually contains a whistle, warning triangle, reflective vest, window breaker, tire pressure gauge, emergency rain poncho, two light sticks, battery booster cables, and other necessities all in one compact storage bag.

  • Important Documents

Some of the important documents that you must not leave behind are your license and car registration documents, your car’s manual, and a copy of your car insurance policy.

Road Trip Essentials for Your Comfortability

Comfortable people are happy people.If you are not happy, your road trip will not be as memorable as it should be. Highlighted below is the comfort kit that must be included in your road trip packing list.

  • Sunglasses

Pack this with you sothat you don’t have to squint when the sun comes out. You could also get UV window shade to protect yourself from the scorching sun.

  • Nap Kit

A blanket will come in handy during your daytime naps. Sleeping bags and travel pillows will further enhance your comfort.

  • Snacks and Drinks

Snacks are more expensive at gas stations, so bring snacks from home. Don’t forget to include reusable water bottles and travel mugs (preferably one with seal-able lids to prevent spillage) in your packing list.

  • Clothing

While your clothes must be loose, breathable, and presentable,you must take into consideration both your comfort and the fact that people may see you at stops.

  • Spare Money

You can never tell what exigencies may come up during your road trip, so always prepare spare money. Also, prepare some cash for parking meters and road tolls as they are not off the radar for any road trip.

Road Trip Essentials for Your Entertainment

There is nothing as exhausting as a boring road trip. The journey would seem longer than it actually is. The following items will ensure that you stay entertained throughout your road trip.

  • Phone Accessories

You should go with a car charger so that your phone battery doesn’t run out. It is advisable to also have a hands-free kit for your mobile phone to keep you focused on the road while receiving a call or shuttling through your playlist.

  • Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotspot will keep you connected and entertained. This is all the more essential for a family trip so that you can connect multiple devices to the internet.

  • Kickass Playlist

Catchy upbeat tunes will not only make things lively but will also keep you awake. Soft music may make you sleepy, especially if it’s on repeat, so avoid it. Prepare your travel playlist before the trip.

  • Travel Games

This is more essential if it’s a family road trip. There are road trip themed books and many creative games that can keep things fun and lively.


The foregoing list covers essential tips to ensure your safety, comfortability, and entertainment during your road trip. These tips on what to bring on your next road trip will keep you, your family, and your car in the perfect state throughout the trip.

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