Audi VW is Producing an Electric Car to Rival Tesla

Though founded in 2003, Tesla has been enjoying a fair share of the market with its production of electric cars. In 2015 and 2016 consecutively, the company’s model S emerged as the world’s best sold plug-in electric car. By 2017 the global sales had gone up to two hundred thousand units in the fourth quarter. However, Model X which is a crossover SUV has also been in the limelight since 2015 getting the attention of thirsty consumers. Model 3 was launched in 2017 and it is also tightening the competition.

Nonetheless, the attention that Tesla has been receiving in the market is about to come to an end, as Audi and its sister brand are also giving the multinational company a run for its money. Audi has confirmed plans of launching a new e-tron GT four-door sports car to rival the Tesla Model S by 2020. Its production has already begun in the company’s Brussels plant. Being Audi’s first electric model, the plant has received an extensive modification to handle its production, that is, according to the company’s reports.

All in all, it is carbon-neutral meaning there are net zero emissions of carbon dioxide coming out of the plant. This is perhaps due to the usage of renewable sources of energy.

Audi’s E-Tron GT Features

According to the company, the e-tron has quite a number of appealing features to rival Tesla. It will have a range of over two hundred and forty-eight miles, two motors that produce four hundred and fourteen pound-feet of torque and the ability and accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour within six seconds. That is not all when using a 150 kW DC high-speed charger, in just a period of thirty minutes, the e-tron would be eighty percent charged.

The Brand chairman noted that the e-tron is one way of interpreting the progress of sporty cars in the future, and Audi is surely taking their high performance to a higher level. Generally, just like Volkswagen, the company is committed to expanding the sale of its electric cars. That basically means that by 2025, they have a goal of producing twenty electrified models in a particular range.

Production Cost

When it comes to the cost of developing this new range of electrified vehicles, the chairman confirmed that the company, through its corporation with Porsche, has reduced the costs by three digits million Euro amount. That is definitely good news.

Tesla Model X

Meanwhile, Tesla’s model X is taking over the airwaves. It is regarded as the safest SUV ever. It has been built primarily as an electric vehicle from the ground up. Hence, the restraints, body chassis and the battery technology all minimize the probability of occupant injury.

Storage Features

It also has a generous storage space compared to any SUV of its class. It can accommodate seven adults through its comfortable seating setup and the capability to tow up to about five thousand pounds. There are also sensors on the falcon wings to monitor the proximity of nearby objects which makes it safe to open even in the tightest spaces available.


When it comes to speed and performance, it has a maximum range of two hundred and ninety-five miles. It accelerates from zero to sixty miles per hour in just less than three seconds. It’s all-electric powertrain also ensures performance is not compromised in any weather condition. This is not to mention the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive that guarantees quick responsiveness.

Interior Design

Other than the comfortable seats and the voluminous storage space, it is also fitted with a large 17-inch touchscreen in the interior. The seats can also be folded to maximize the storage. Generally, this car is built for efficiency.

Tesla Model S Features

The Tesla Model S follows next in line. It was designed for endurance and speed. That explains the sleek design and the all-electric powertrain that delivers magnificent in all-weather conditions. Similar to model X, it is also fitted with dual motor all-drive. But it is its acceleration that is appealing. It can move from zero to sixty miles per hour in exactly two and a half seconds!

Of course, it has sophisticated hardware that makes it easy to carry out advanced Autopilot features. The interior is basically made with all considerations of the driver. It has an expansive 17-inch touchscreen and the standard glass roof enhances comfort and space. It seats five adults and two children.

Audi’s Reputation

Nonetheless, that does not mean that Audi is any less efficient. It has a reputation for producing cars that are a combination of class, sleekness and sporty design. In addition to that, the brand chairman, Rupert Stadler, yet again confirmed that all the new generation core Audi models will now henceforth be offered with a modification of a ‘mild-hybrid.’ This is so as to improve performance while also minimizing carbon emission in the environment.

Meanwhile, photos of the e-tron are so far being shared across various platforms. Audi will be taking reservations for its sale from its US customers later this month. The manufacturer is planning to start delivering this state-of-the-art-car by early 2019.

Guideline for the Ideal Audi Car Service Firm

However, whichever model is on the market, for the fans of Audi or Volkswagen, servicing your car is always a priority. These cars need attention if you want to experience their best performance. That is why it is not surprising for companies like Autobahn Performance to open their doors for drivers of such cars. Such companies are filled in the market and it is always a daunting task to pick the ideal one. That is why it is always advisable to carry out intensive research before driving in, in any one of them. Experience and specialty are always the key things to keep in mind but above all, go through the reviews.

The comments from people who have a had a taste of the services offered will always shade light on what to keep an eye on. Finally, go to a service company that is within your range. This does not mean you go hooting in a cheap garage seeking assistance since there is a very big probability you will regret it later.

Finally, for Audi going electric and competing with Tesla, we will definitely find out whether, in the short-term, luxury electric cars get the attention of the market based on increased demand for such cars or by competing for the relatively same high-class customers.

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