Watch (and Listen) To Hennessey Performance Testing The 895 kW HPE1200 Dodge Demon

The desire for more power seems never ending and American tuner Hennessey Performance is no stranger to a lot of horsepower especially when they are playing with a the Dodge Demon.

Stock output of the drag racing beast sits at 840 hp (626 kw) but a new package from the tuner appropriately called the HPE1200 cranks it up to a ridiculous 1,200 hp (895 kW).

How do they extract so much power from the Demon? Well it is not a simple ECU tune that’s for sure because as a starter it gets a supercharger upgrade. Then the headers and exhaust is upgraded too followed by the installation of some new forged internals.

Hennessey also makes the Demon NHRA compliant with a proper roll cage, and it even gets a parachute to slow down at the other end of the track.  You know you have a seriously quick car when you need a parachute to stop.

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