Cars and Coffee Crew Roast Dodge Owners Who Keep Plastic Splitter Guards On

This past weekend saw a Cars and Coffee event taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina where some of the attendees poked fun at Dodge owners who leave the brightly-coloured plastic splitter guards on their muscle machines.

If you have seen a Dodge SRT Hellcat or Dodge SRT Demon, for example, the chances of it sporting a bright yellow lip on the front splitter are very high. No this is not the owner adding a unique touch to the car, this is actually a plastic protector used during the shipping of the cars and is meant to be removed on delivery. A majority of owners around the world choose to leave the splitter guards there which do look good in some cases but actually scratch the paint underneath when dust gets between the component and the lip.

Dodge has even requested the owners of the muscle cars to please remove the unnecessary items but without much success.

A YouTube video of the aforementioned Cars and Coffee event shows the humorous side to it all with some cars sporting bulky noodles on their front lips, even a silly Mercedes-Benz GLA, whose front bumper sits considerably higher than the rest of the cars photographed. The best part is there is even a Dodge owner with the pool noodle front splitter so at least they are taking it in good spirit.

So do we think Dodge owners should remove them? We don’t own one so we cannot say for sure but each and every owner should laugh with us at these pool noodles, because no matter how you feel about splitter guards, there’s nothing like good satire.

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