Things Worth Keeping in Your Car for Winter

With winter on its way again, you can never be too careful on the roads. While safety is not always guaranteed, there are certain steps you can take to help you steer clear of the chaos and panic that comes with driving in the winter. Stocking your car up with the essentials is vital and could help you get out of an unexpected situation without any scrapes, bruises or scratches.

Portable Charger Pack

No matter how good you claim your mobile phone maker is at building batteries that seem to last forever, at some point, your phone has cut off and you may have found that it’s hard to switch it back on again. Portable chargers are the easiest and quickest solution to this, and since many vehicles are built without a socket, this is your ticket out of a breakdown or accident, too. However, just be sure that you have a spare USB wire at hand, otherwise your battery pack is about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Medical Kit

The unexpected can happen at the worst and most inconvenient times. Without warning, if you happen to be in an accident or assist another driver involved in an accident, a medical kit might be the key to saving a life! Otherwise, they are handy to keep stored away in the backseat of your car or somewhere that is easily accessible to those who require the contents.

Emergency Escape Tool

Emergencies happen when you least expect them to, and on the road, these can lead to further problems and complications. Worst case scenario, if you happen to collide with another vehicle and your only escape route is blocked or damaged in the destruction, an emergency escape tool is a useful thing to keep stashed away somewhere you can easily grab hold of it.


With winter also comes shorter night and darker mornings, causing difficulties for drivers who happen to breakdown during the cold and dark winter season. When it’s dark out, a useful thing to keep at hand is a torch; if you’re stranded at the side of the road, you’re going to want other drivers to know where you are and remind them to drive with caution.

Emergency Kit Approved by Roadside Recovery

Roadside recovery teams, like the AA and the RAC, supply emergency kits that include everything you need to stay safe in the event of a breakdown or accident on the roads during the winter months. When trying to prepare yourself for the worst, keeping one of these in your car could save you money, time and the stress of being left alone in the dark.


Colder weather is both good and bad, but when faced with the single figures stood at the side of the road, waiting for the recovery team to arrive, you’re going to notice the bitter sting of the winter air much more. Granted, you can’t exactly install an electric heater outside where there’s no power supply, or even in your car, but you can keep warm with blankets and anything you can wrap around yourself to trap in the heat.

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