Prior Design Working On Mean Widebody Kit For New BMW 8 Series

Deliveries will start taking place very soon for the new BMW 8 Series Coupe which means the tuning race is on to see who gets the first package out there.

Judging by the photo above, Prior Design might just be the first and it’s a dramatic widebody kit called the PD800 aero package.

It looks like no body panel of the donor car will remain untouched giving the 8 Series a much more aggressive look. Massive fender extensions, redesigned front apron with a big splitter and wider air intakes, matching side skirts and a sculpted bonnet with additional air outlets all add to the presence of the package.

We cannot see what they have planned for the rear of the car but judging by the rest of the car, it will sport a fairly sizable rear diffuser likely finished in carbon fibre.

The PD800 kit will also include an H&R coil-over kit that enables the driver to adjust the car’s ride height and to wrap up the wild kit you will get a set of 21-inch PD4 light-alloy wheels to fill those wider wheel arches.

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