New BMW M3 Will Pack More Punch Than Current CS Thanks To Possible Water Injection

With BMW’s all-new 3-Series having released recently, it comes as no surprise that quite a few reports and speculations of the M3 are starting to surface. So far we’ve learned that the forthcoming BMW M division’s offering will be saving the manual gearbox while sending power to all four wheels. Now though, we’ve been told that BMW might be looking to make use of a water injection system for its engine.

The news comes from UK-based publication Autocar. According to the report, the current M3 CS sets the benchmark in terms of power for the upcoming G80 M3. BMW is therefore looking to achieve power outputs that exceed that of the F80’s S55 and to achieve this, engineers are said to be aiming for a water injection system similar to that of the M4 GTS, albeit with a brand new engine codenamed S58.

For some, the move to Water Injection may sound a bit geeky and excessive as the current S55 motor could easily produce well over the current M3 CS’ 454 hp (338 kW) without needing any services of the local fire brigade. Still, with the new water-injected 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six named the S58, we can expect the G80 M3 to fire close to 500 hp (373 kW), especially considering that the M4 GTS produces 493 hp (367 kW).

While naysayers continue to mock at the BMW M3 becoming way too serious and complicated, there’s no denying the fact that BMW keeps sharpening its sword with the performance sedan. Moreover, the Munich-based automaker may also be working so hard at powering the M3 to able to make up for those few tenths of a second lost in shifting the manual gearbox. Either way, we’re curious to see what the new car will have to offer.

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