No Coupe or Cabrio Variants For Next Mercedes-Benz S-Class

We should see an all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class in 2020 but according to a new report, it will be a four-door only affair.

Automobile magazine has a comprehensive report on the luxury automaker, which in this case extends from now through 2023. Yes, electric cars are coming, as are more SUVs. According to the report, however, we won’t see new versions of the S-Class Coupe or Cabriolet.

2015 was the year we saw the modern S-Class Coupe arrive with the Cabriolet version arriving a year later. They were hit with minor facelifts just last year, and now we are expecting the new S-Class Sedan arriving next year.

Automobile says that, while the coupe and cabrio should carry on through the 2020’s, they won’t transition to the new S-Class platform and will eventually fade away.

That’s not to say Mercedes will simply step away from the high-end luxury two-door world as we are expecting to see a new SL in 2020 followed by a new AMG GT.

Source Automobile Magazine
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