2JZ-Powered BMW E30 M3 Hits 346 KM/H On Ice 😳

Driving on ice is sketchy at any speed but this is just on another level!

It is common knowledge that the grip you have on ice is a fraction of the grip you have on the tarmac but, this did not seem to bother the driver of this BMW 2JZ-powered E30 M3, who broke the world record for fastest car on ice with a top speed of 346 km/h (215.5 mph).

This incredible run took place at the 2019 Speed Week in Årsunda, Sweden on a frozen lake. Driven by Vidar Jødahl and built by Buldre racing, the 1,300 hp M3 is not to be messed with. From the cabin footage below, it’s clear the car was never really pointed totally straight as you can see Vidar constantly making adjustments to stay in between the barriers.

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