AC Schnitzer BMW M2 Competition Packs 500 Horses (373 kW)

As far as small and fast Coupe’s go, the BMW M2 Competition is probably the pick of the bunch but if it does not have enough presence or grunt then our friends at AC Schnitzer have the answer for you.

They have spent a fair bit of time developing a comprehensive upgrade package for this fearsome featherweight. Starting with two sets of forged wheels and some substantial aero components.

A new front splitter along with a rear diffuser and spoiler will keep you glued to the track. To make sure the car is properly corner-weighted, their RS series coil-overs are easily adjusted. These parts are also compatible with the base M2.

A proprietary tune along with a few parts will send 500 horsepower (373 kW) to the wheels (specific to the Competition).

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