Lamborghini Says It Is Too Expensive To Bring Back Manual Offering

The top dogs at Lamborghini have been talking quite a bit over the last few weeks.

We got confirmation that the V12 is here to stay from chief technical officer Maurizio Reggiani and the boss Stefano Domenicali claimed that they are considering another SUV in the lineup but more recently he also revealed it is too expensive to offer a manual gearbox for its supercars.

When Domenicali was quizzed by MotorTrend, he explained that it would cost way too much to build one.

The Aventador is so mechanically unique that the Volkswagen Group does not have a correctly sized manual gearbox and a similar reason for the Huracan stands true too.

When it comes to the Huracan, Domenicali told the publication, it is based on the Audi R8 which used to have a manual as did the Gallardo, the Huracan’s predecessor. Unfortunately, this six-speed transmission is long out of production and it will cost a fortune to start building it again. Simply put, Lamborghini would like to offer its customers a manual gearbox option but it just can’t.

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