Bugatti Chiron Nearly Sold Out

As you should all know, Bugatti is only planning to build 500 units of the Chiron and while production will continue through 2022, the time to put in order is running out.

Car and Driver are reporting that over 400 Chiron’s have been spoken for, with a little over 180 cars delivered to date. That means there are under 100 build slots still available.

Since Bugatti only makes around 70 cars a year you’ll have to wait until at least 2022 if you put in a Chiron order now but if you are impatient and want one know, there are a few options on the “used” market.

Car and Driver also reported that around a quarter of the total Chiron production so far has been delivered to the US and that the factory is producing more examples of the lighter, stiffer Chiron Sport than the base car at the moment.

Source Car and Driver
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