Modern Ferrari Testarossa Packing A 1000 HP V12 Could Be On The Way

There are a few individuals around the world who can be considered part of Ferrari’s “inner circle” who get access to the brand’s uber-exclusive offerings.

Recently TheSupercarBlog sat down with one such individual where some saucy information on a new model was spilled.

Several months ago, at a “collectors dinner,” Ferrari shared a few details about an upcoming supercar. The car would be powered by a V12 engine that is likely to produce over 1000 hp.

Obviously, this excites us all and although he could not tell the publication too much more, he did mention (see below transcript) that it will be a modern interpretation of the Testarossa.

There’s also this very special Ferrari that I’ve been told about.

Very special Ferrari!? Are you talking about the Monza SP1 and SP2?

No, (Smile)

I guess you can’t talk about it…

Not really, but I can tell you that I was told about this car during a Ferrari collectors’ dinner several months ago and that it will have more than 1000 hp.

1000hp!? You are probably talking about the car that will be presented in May…

No, the car I’m talking about will have a V12, and the car that will be presented in May will not have a V12.

Wow, really amazing, a little clue to finish?

Testarossa! That’s all I can say.

Source TheSupercarBlog
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