What Makes a Jeep Trail Rated?

So you’ve probably seen Jeep’s Trail Rated badge but what exactly does that mean? Trail rated means your Jeep passed a series of tests in five different categories. The categories include: traction, maneuverability, water fording, ground clearance, and articulation.

To pass the maneuverability test the Jeep needs to be able to quickly dodge obstacles and precarious situations like an accident or narrow trail switchbacks.  Jeeps Trail Rated 4×4 system allows vehicles to do that just thank to optimized wheelbases and precision steering.

If you ever find your path interrupted by a stream or creek you can just keep trekking ahead thanks to Jeep’s Trail Rated water fording capability. To be able to keep forging on ahead Trail Rated Jeep’s have sealed off electrical connections and body openings along with a higher positioned air intake. This allows your Jeep to go through small bodies of water other vehicles wouldn’t dare.

To be able to earn the Trail Rated Badge, Elliott Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram says that Jeeps need to be able to handle tough driving conditions. Passing the test means your Jeep can handle anything from dangerous snow storms to the toughest off road trails.

When one or more of your tires are off the ground higher levels of articulation makes sure your wheels remain stable and engaged. The suspensions maximum flexibility means you are ready to handle anything from a rocky trail to roads littered with potholes.

Trail Rated ground clearance means instead of going around obstacles that stand in your way, you can just go over them. Approach, breakover, and departure angles are all maximized by increasing the space between the underbelly of your vehicle and the terrain.

These tests start at the state-of-the-art facilities located at FAC US headquarters. If the Jeep passes those test they then head over to Northern Michigan to brace the bitter cold and then the giant boulders on the Rubicon Trail in Northern California. These tests push Jeeps to their limits to prove they can handle anything you have to throw at them. 

For incredible off-road adventures or safety while driving through torrential weather get yourself a Trail Rated 4×4 Jeep today!

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