BMW M2 Competition Individual Paint Costs R350k

San Marino Blue wrapped BMW M2 Competition

It is widely known that BMW does not offer Individual paint options for the BMW M2 Competition but it seems someone has managed to convince them to open up their palette to the baby M Bimmer.

As you will see in the screenshot below, the M2 Competition in question has been spec’d in San Marino Blue Metallic which has set the owner back $24,480 (approx. R350,000).

Why the ridiculous price?

From our understanding, it is because individual paint is not possible in the Leipzig factory where the M2 Competition is built so it goes to a different factory to get painted on a different line. The extra cost comes from the shipping and logistics of that process. We are assuming there is a pretty premium to pay to get BMW to even do it for you.

Is this the start of Individual M2 Competitions or is it just a VIP customer getting what he or she wants like Michael Fux did with his Austin Yellow M2?

Source Bimmerpost
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