How to Repair a Winch

A winch is a machine fixed with a lifting chain that wraps around a drum that is horizontally rotated by some handle manually or it can also be rotated using a motor. Normally a winch is fixed in some off-road sport utility vehicles or trucks to help them out when stuck in muddy places. It is also very normal for the winch to be faulty due to some unknown circumstances which might render it useless if it is not repaired. In this chapter, we shall discuss ways in which you can get your winch operational in case it was damaged.

1. One of the damages you will encounter with a winch is a non-functioning cable through which the winch is manned.

Fixing the cable would not be a walk in the park but one of the cheap options to consider includes removing the connector from its attachment to the winch. This can be made simple by finding a way to disengage the screw that enables the attachment.

2. Removing the attachment will separate the plug from the connector but the cable is still fixed to the plug.

Your next step is to ensure that the screw is disengaged from the plug. After that, you need to find a perfect replacement for the damaged cable and ensure that it is in good condition.

3. It is recommended that if you intend to do the repair by yourself then, the motor and its operators should not be tampered with unless they should be attended to.

Connecting the new cable to the motor can be very involving since you need to connect it to the plug using some very tiny metal tabs that ensure that the conductor pin is at the right position. The connector shell within the motor should be watertight so that it does not corrode.

4. Connect the new cable with the conductors and insulate them.

This is done by soldering and insulating the naked wires again. To ensure that the new cable is fixed in the connector shell, the cable is pulled back until the right position is attained. A notch is made at the end of the plug which is supposed to be symmetrical to the tab in the shell.

5. The last part involves the controller section which fixed with the switch.

The switch is placed on top of a plastic disc which should be removed using a screwdriver. Once the disc has been removed the cable should be connected from the handle on which the switch is attached. The new cable is then attached to the switch through the handle. The cable is then pulled back to ensure the switch is in a good position. Getting the switch working in the right direction will require you to align the casing of the switch with its slot on the handle. In order to perform this task without wrecking the switch, you need to have the switched fixed on the handle placed on the ground by applying some pressure on the switch.

From the discussion above, it is obvious that the repair of the winch needs some serious skills to repair it and to avoid that, careful steps like the ones highlighted above should be followed.

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