Mercedes-AMG A45 Concept Drift Gives Us Our Best Look Yet

You should all know that Mercedes-AMG is getting ready to reveal the hugely-anticipated range-topper of the A-Class and this is our best look yet at the new A45.

The car sports the same colourful camouflage we have seen before but now we get to see the Panamericana grille (AMG specific grille) that features an array of vertical slats.

Looking closely, it appears that there might be bulges sculpted into the bonnet, but they are hard to discern here because of the camouflage pattern. There’s less to hide at the rear where the A45 gains a larger diffuser and four exhaust outlets, versus the A35’s two pipes.

How much power will it pack? This is not a mystery as it has been confirmed to produce 382 hp (285 kW) in the standard version and 416 hp (310 kW) in the S model.

According to sources, South Africa will only be getting the range-topping ‘S’ version which makes a lot of sense considering our performance orientated car culture.

A reveal of the hyper hatch is expected shortly so stay tuned!

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