Porsche Has No Electric Plans For Their GT Division

According to a new report, the GT division at Porsche currently has no plans to electrify its models which should keep the purists very happy (for now).

Porsche GT boss Andreas Preuninger, claims that electrification is “not something we think about at the moment”. This means the electrified side of things will stick with the Taycan and hybrid 911, but the GT variants will continue to be all about the purity of a petrol engine without assistance.

“There are ideas to maybe look in that direction for the normal sports car line but not for the GT cars. If we would decide to make all the racing cars electrified overnight, then we would have a reason to look into that but, as always, it has to be a connection between the cars we use on the track to the cars we sell with a number plate attached,” Preuninger said.

Preuninger added: “We have to have different cars to share different purposes and as long as this customer group is willing to buy our cars and enjoy the cars so much, why should we stop?”

This is phenomenal news because after spending some time behind the wheel of the 991.2 GT3 RS it would be sacrilege to add electricity to this perfect creation!

Source Autocar
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