Mulgari Pays Tribute To BMW’s Greatest M Cars With The Icon03

There is most certainly not a shortage of companies that will tune and modify your BMW for you, no matter the model. So, if you wish to indeed modify your car, you would want that modification to be a bit more special than just the ordinary body kit and extra power. Well, the people at Mulgari seem to have a different approach with their new Icon03 M240i.

Rather than simply designing a body kit and popping it on the car, the British tuner has put some thought into it and taken inspiration from BMW’s greatest hits album both from the past and the present. Mulgari designed the Icon03 using a motorsport-derived process which aimed at improving the drivetrain, chassis technologies and improve weight-saving measures. The result is “a car full of purist driving dynamics, a homage to the great Bavarian driving machines, past and present.”

Some of the tributes the Icon03 pays homage to can be seen through the aggressive, square extended wings which may seem familiar to E30 M3 fans. Also, we have the indented carbon roof as per the E46 M3 CSL and front wing mounting winglets from the 3.0-litre CSL. Mulgari have added some additional modifications too. You will also get a new front splitter plus more square-looking and wider wheel arches.

The Icon03 has had some power upgrades. While we know torque is upped to 590 Nm, Mulgari hasn’t given any power figures. Although, they do say that we shouldn’t expect more than 500 horsepower (373 kW).

In terms of the interior, it is difficult to miss the various yellow accents. A flat-bottom steering wheel, carbon-fibre paddle shifters, as well as Recaro seats, can be found inside of the car.

Mulgari will only be making 25 Icon03s in total.

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