Why a Car Rental is Preferable for a Family Road Trip

Family holidays present an excellent opportunity for family members to bond with one another and fun. A serene place away from home and probably a destination away from home would be an ideal holiday destination. Renting a car for long distance family road trip enables family members to enjoy the road trip and get a chance to travel together as a family. In some cases, the need to rent a car may be necessitated due to the lack of a family car that can accommodate the whole family. Before making any road trip, the following factors play a significant role

Cheaper to rent cars

It would be cheaper to rent a car for a family road trip than to use a family car due to the cost incurred through wear and tear on a family car. The cost of gas involved for such a trip and the maintenance cost incurred is also a factor to consider. It is estimated that a rental car for a 2,000- mile trip for ten days at a rate of $ 35 per day (taxes and fees factored in) will cost $ 350.

EPA estimates an average consumption of 25 miles per a gallon of gas, making a total of 80 gallons for gasoline. Going by the assumption that a gallon of gas will go for $ 2.50 hence you will pay up to $ 200 on fuel. In total, the cost of renting a carpus fuel will be about $ 550. This would consume half the price of taking such a trip on a family car plus the cost of maintenance and wear and tear factored in the budget. suv and truck car rentals would be an ideal option for such a family trip.

Obtaining enough space

Taking a family on a road trip requires some level of comfort that guarantees enough space than putting a family in one family car -This is quite different in a case where one would take his child to a school, which would probably take a smaller space and need for comfort. You may check various sites to get the best deals for renting a car. Organizing for a romantic gateway would call for a couple opting for a flashy sports car. You may search on different sites for the best gateway prices.

When to lease or own a car

Generally, you would end up spending more on maintenance cost due to wear, tear, and fuel consumption, and this would affect your car resale value if you opted to use your car. Provided you take good care of the vehicle when you rent a car, you will not spend extra charges on its repairs and other shocking expenses.


Opting for suv and truck car rentals will save you from surprise expenses that you are likely to incur if you decided to use a family car. Special occasions may call for the use of rented vehicles as it would be convenient than to use personal vehicles.

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