Alpina X7 Could Be On Its Way

Alpina has been around for more than 50 years and for half a decade they have been offering alternative versions to many BMWs from the past and the present. Autocar had a chat with the firm’s CEO, Andreas Bovensiepen, who suggested that the BMW X7 may be the latest Bavarian product to join the Alpina line-up.  

“We are thinking about having an X7 in the future but not right now because BMW has a very high demand for it and currently the plant is full,” Bovensiepen said.

It may seem odd that Alpina can’t simply build their own X7, however, considering they are built on the same production line, Alpina has to consider the high volume of X7s that are currently being produced.

Bovensiepen hasn’t indicated exactly when we can expect the Alpina X7, but it doesn’t look like we will see it before at least 2020.

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