Five Year Waiting List For a One-Off Ferrari

Photo via @bms_photo

There are a few select folks out there who find the regular offerings from Ferrari a little bland so they dig deep into their pockets to get the Maranello manufacturer to build them a truly special one-off.

Recently we have seen the P80/C but if you would like to commission your own unique prancing horse, you will need to get in a queue.

The company’s commercial and marketing boss, Enrico Galliera, told Autocar there’s a five-year waiting list. There’s more to the story than this as you can’t simply ring the bell at the HQ in Maranello and ask for a one-off car since Ferrari handpicks those worthy to get such a car.

Galliera continued to explain that there are only about 250 people in the world who are eligible to commission a special vehicle. This high-end clientele consists of Ferrari’s best of the best customers, people that have been spending large amounts of money on the company’s products.

These so-called one-offs require anything from 18 to 24 months to complete if they are “simple” but the P80/C took nearly three years to finish.

Source Autocar
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