Naked Carbon Fibre Porsche 935 Is Something Else

Porsche offer some iconic racing liveries you can add to your 935 but what if none of them tickle your fancy? Why not order your track-only beast in its birthday suit?

Black cars look sinister no matter what but even more so when the entire body of a car is clad in gorgeous carbon fibre. The 2019 Porsche 935 has all the right elements to be the next stunner from the manufacturer hailing from Stuttgart, combining exclusivity, technology, and striking aero work.

As we know, it is based on the 911 GT2 RS but it sports a completely new body, replacing all those “heavy” steel and aluminum panels with nothing but bare carbon.

At a price of $817,000 and only limited to 77 units, the chances of getting one are extremely slim and the lucky buyers will be limited to track days, car shows, or simply staring at their prized possession in their garage.

If you did not get an allocation from Porsche then you can always try one of the brave dealers selling a build slot.

According to sources, no units are headed for South Africa which is a huge pity for us petrol heads.

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