New BMW M4 Convertible To Get A Soft Top

Not sure how we missed this news but, next year’s G82 BMW M4 Convertible will make use of a soft rooftop.

The last M3 Cabriolet with a canvas roof was the E46 M3, which was then followed by two generations of hardtops the E93 and F83 M4.

When we see the G80 and G82 launch, we can expect it to pack the same S58 engine found in the new BMW X3 M and X4 M which means it will produce 473 hp (353 kW) as standard and 503 hp (375 kW) in Competition form.

We know so far that the G80 BMW M3 will also be the first M3 in history to power all four wheels and we can only assume that the M4 Convertible will offer the same.

via Autoblog
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