New Ferrari SUV Could Outpower The Lamborghini Urus

Turn back the clock a couple of years when performance SUVs were just becoming popular, you would have found that Ferrari were adamant that they definitely would not be joining in on the party. That was then, however, and this is now where the performance SUV market is proving to be a very lucrative market, a market that evidently has changed Ferrari’s mind regarding making a SUV.

Very little is known about the new Ferrari development, but it is thought that it will be called the Purosangue which translates to ‘thoroughbred’ or ‘pure blood’. While performance figures are unknown at this stage, the chances are pretty high that Ferrari will be wanting to out-power and out-perform their rivals in Sant’agata Bolognese.

In terms of the engine, Ferrari will probably use a V8 to power their new creation. Coupling that with either some turbo-chargers or hybrid assistance (or both), the power output will almost certtainly be more than the Lamborghini Urus’ 641 horsepower (478 kW).

Your guess as to how the Purosangue will look is as good as ours. While Ferrari may use some design cues from past and present models, they will no doubt ensure it will look different from any other offering on the market. Hopefully.

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