This Pagani Zonda R Had A Minor Crash At Goodwood Festival of Speed

I must have live streamed 90 percent of this years Goodwood Festival of Speed but never saw this incident involving the glorious Pagani Zonda R.

The supercars make their way towards a circle at the bottom of the run where they do a U-turn (some do burnouts and donuts) to face up the hill and get in the queue for their run but that did not go quite according to plan for this driver.

We are not sure what led to the odd accident, but it seems like the driver miscalculated the maneuver or he was distracted. Regardless of what happened in the seconds before the light impact, the Zonda R was left with a bruise on its face, losing one of the front blades, too.

The noise of the bump even resulted in a few ooh’s from the crowds.

It seems they temporarily mended it for the next hill run as there are no blades missing at that point.

How glorious does this thing sound?

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