Next-Gen Mercedes-AMG C63 To Welcome AWD with Drift Mode

There are those out there who truly believe that a car like the Mercedes-AMG C63 should exclusively be rear-wheel-drive but those individuals may be very disappointed reading this. According to anonymous sources speaking to Top Gear, the next-generation C63 will get Drift Mode-enabled all-wheel-drive, just like its E63 big brother.

This is not all that surprising, to be honest as the whole super sedan sector has been heading there in recent years and if BMW M3 rumors are to be believed, it will also feature an xDrive AWD model.

The report goes on to say the next C63 will be out in 2021 and keep the current car’s 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8. Power will likely increase with the S model predicted to put out 542 horsepower (404 kW), up from the 503 (375 kW) present in today’s model. In AWD mode, zero to 100 km/h will probably take around three seconds.

Source TopGear
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