R1.3 Million Porsche PTS Python Green Chromaflair Paint Requires Government Approval

If you are a regular reader of Zero2Turbo, you would have come across an article or two on expensive paint jobs, especially this one from Porsche.

With the cost of the paint easily exceeding the R1 million mark, we found out another reason why it carries such a hefty price tag thanks to @porschelebanonfans.

Porsche uses a process of magnets to align the flakes after each paint coat and only fifteen models receive this special paint a year due to the intense process used.

For the PTS Python Green Chromaflair paint on the Turbo S, you see here, the substance that provides the iridescence is the same material that the Bundesbank uses in the hologram on Euro notes. The paint supplier must account to the German government for every ounce used in this paint.

It is no wonder it costs so much but would you part with this much money for a paint job? Why not wrap it in something almost identical for a fraction of the cost?

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