AC Schnitzer Kit BMW X5 Called ‘The Boss”

The BMW X5 M is not far away now but if you want that level of presence on your ‘regular’ G05 X5, then AC Schnitzer has got you covered.

The German aftermarket tuner has released special parts for the G05 BMW X5, including aerodynamic components, new wheels and tires, as well as suspension upgrades. There’s no power upgrades yet but AC Schnitzer is currently working on performance upgrades for both the X5 M50i and X5 xDrive30d.

In terms of the kit, there are quite a few components customers can choose from ranging from a front spoiler to a roof wing that provides more downforce and visual flair. AC Schnitzer also offers bonnet vents for better ventilation of the engine compartment, sharper side skirts, and protective foils for the loading edge of the rear skirt.

To improve the handling, AC Schnitzer swapped out the X5’s as-standard air suspension for fixed coil springs that are 20/25 mm lower than standard, front/rear. Not only does this make the suspension firmer but it also lowers the centre of gravity quite a bit.

A few different 22-inch wheel options are available; the AC1 Racing Forged Rims, AC1 Light Alloy Wheels, Type V Lightweight Forged Rims or the Type VIII Racing Forged Wheels. All of which fit tyres that are 275/35 R 22 at the front and 315/30 R 22 at the rear. The latter of which are simply enormous.

As mentioned in the title, their tuned BMW X5 is actually called “The Boss”. So that’s cool too.

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