Novitec Take Ferrari 488 Pista Up To 590 kW

The Ferrari 488 Pista is a V8 Special Series prancing horse but that has not stopped Novitec from tinkering with it in the performance department.

With its twin-turbo forced induction system, the 488 Pista offers the ideal conditions for further enhanced dynamics, which can be added in three levels.

The most extreme offering cranks things up to 590 kW (60 kW extra) and 898 Nm of torque (128 Nm extra) which allows the supercar to sprint to 100 km/h in just 2.7 seconds and run to a top speed of 345 km/h. These upgrades do not only improve acceleration and top speed but also provide better throttle response.

Being Novitec they offer a high-performance exhaust system which will further optimize power and produce a more thrilling sound. The exhaust system comes in different versions with or without electronic sound management by means of actively controlled exhaust flaps. In addition, you can choose between versions made from stainless steel or from the especially lightweight INCONEL.

Cosmetically the focus was on aerodynamics so changes are subtle. At the front, the fascia is extended forward with a spoiler blade, which provides a further reduction in aerodynamic lift at high speeds. A tailor-made moulding for the hood rounds off the facelift for the front of the sports car.

From the side, the rocker panels are available to give the two-seater an even sportier appearance and channel the airflow at the sides with even more precision. Subtle carbon covers for the side mirrors and the carbon triangles at the windows of the two doors add further sporty touches.

The rear end is fitted with a spoiler lip and the design package is rounded off with carbon surrounds for the two taillights.

As always it sits on a set of hi-tech forged wheels available in many sizes and styles and the interior customization options are pretty much endless.

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