BMW M Exhausts To Get Quieter Thanks To Regulation Changes

At Zero2Turbo, we live for fast and loud and BMW M cars although not the loudest available are currently great sounding cars.

According to a new report from Motoring, some regulation changes in Europe will result in the future BMW M cars leaving the factory with quieter exhausts.

Regulators are now wanting to test cars in their loudest setting which means manufacturers will have to take steps to make them quieter overall.

The Mercedes-AMG A45 offerings are the first to be affected by this as they are noticeably toned down compared to their predecessors.

Wouldn’t it make sense to make the European models quieter and let us enjoy more sound in other parts of the world? Well unfortunately to the individuals in charge of costs, they certainly do not agree.

Designing region-specific exhausts will become far too expensive and a rather large challenge.

Source Motoring
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