7 Reasons Why Hybrid Cars Are Getting More Popular

In this day and age, hybrid cars have gained more and more popularity. We’ve all heard about hybrid cars and how they’re all the rage now. Some get why, but others just shake their heads in confusion. That’s why we’re here, but to understand why they’re gaining popularity, you’ve got to know what they are, to begin with. In short, they’re cars that function using an electric engine, as well as, a small fuel-powered engine. This gives them a lot of perks that make them quite a desirable option. So, brace yourself for seven reasons why everyone is falling head-over-heels for these cars.

They’re better for the environment

 With every passing day, we know more and more about the environment we live in. From awareness campaigns to nationwide recycling projects, you can recognize that people are now more aware of the effects of carbon emissions on our climate. That is why they opt for more eco-friendly options whenever they can, and that is why there’s a lot of hype generating around hybrids. Since they don’t fully depend on fuel, the amount of greenhouse gases and pollutants produced is a lot less than that emitted from a regular car. After all, it’s because they use up less fossil fuel that their combustion process is cleaner.

They’re easy on our wallets

Not only are they good for the environment, but hybrid cars also cut down on costs, big time! Prices are constantly getting higher, that’s why people are refraining from using cars in the first place. Especially that fuel is just so expensive. One of the perks of hybrid cars is that they use both fuel and electricity. In other words, they don’t consume as much fuel, yet they travel a long distance. Not to mention, not having to re-fuel means that you’ll also be saving up on time that would have been spent going to a gas station.

Engine torque

With a fuel-powered engine, to get your car moving, you need to wait for a second or so for the engine to rev up before you actually start accelerating, right? Well, that’s not the case with hybrids. Once you step on the accelerator, you’ll find an instant response from the car. The ability of hybrid car manufacturers to eliminate the lag between stepping on the pedal and reaching maximum torque has managed to win over the affections of many petrol heads. Keep in mind that this difference between standard and hybrid cars exists despite the smaller hybrid engines which is quite impressive.

They’re perfect city cars

Hybrid cars have a battery pack, an electric motor, and a combustion engine, and each of these components is designed for a specific function. Now, when a hybrid car stops, the battery pack kicks in to power the car’s other functions; radio, AC, lights, and such. In other words, you won’t have to keep the engine running. That feature comes in handy if you live in an environmentally conscious country such as Singapore. There, engine idling is considered a finable offense. That’s why people in Singapore talk about how the Honda Fit Hybrid is a great practical car, in fact, according to Vin’s Automotive Group, it’s cargo space, quiet acceleration, and lithium-ion batteries make it the ideal car for city driving.

They’re designed for efficiency 

Because of the fact that you won’t have to keep the engine running just to listen to the radio or to have the air conditioner on, there’s no doubt you’ll be saving a lot of fuel. However, that’s not all. Hybrid cars have one thing in common which is their outer shape. They’re more streamlined than regular cars which makes them extremely aerodynamic. How does that make them efficient? If you’re not that good with physics, it would help to understand the concept of air resistance. The more “bullet-like” an object’s shape is, the less it would have to fight against air while moving. Needless to say, the more air resistance there is, the more work an engine would have to perform to maintain a car’s speed, and the more fuel a car would use up to supply energy for the increased power outage. Now, that’s a smart feature right there, don’t you think?

They’re no longer a compromise

Granted, they’re not the same as standard gas-powered automobiles, but as technology advances, hybrid cars are becoming more and more similar to their counterparts. When they first started out, you could feel a vast difference in horsepower with hybrid vehicles, but now we’ve even got hybrid race cars. The point is, people are making the switch from regular to hybrid because they see a lot of perks, and not much sacrifice when it comes to speed and power. Don’t forget that, as we’ve mentioned before, hybrids have already one-upped standard cars with their fast acceleration and immediate torque.

You get tax incentives

A car can’t be this good, eco-friendly, efficient and still cost the same as a regular car, right? What’s the catch, you may ask? It’s the price. Hybrids are more expensive than your normal car, but as it turns out, this catch isn’t really a catch per se. Because these cars help the environment, and they’re just generally awesome, governments constantly encourage people to opt for buying hybrids. You’ll find that there are a lot of tax deductions, registration discounts, and other financial rewards that come with your purchase depending on where you live. Most people agree that these cars pay for themselves.

So, you’ve just read seven reasons why hybrid cars are becoming more popular than ever. What do you think? In your opinion, is making the switch worth considering? Before you answer this question, though, keep in mind this one important thing. With a hybrid, you could just drive in the carpool lane, even if you’re the only person in the vehicle. Imagine cruising by packing lanes as you make your way towards your destination, without having to deal with the bane of our modern life that is traffic jams. Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?

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